Why is ObamaCare such a bummer?


It still blows my mind to think about what the current mainstream news media consider “news”. For example, I keep hearing them yack about being outraged by ObamaCare, but nobody ever seems to explain why they are so outraged!

I’m not in favor of ObamaCare, but let’s talk turkey about why, shall we?
First of all, there is the fact that forcing U.S. Citizens into a contract with any other entity is explicitly forbidden in the United States Constitution. And for good reason!  However, this “minor detail” was overlooked decades ago when auto insurance became mandatory.

For the record, I can forgive the oversight on this one, because the only requirement is “liability insurance,” which protects you and me from reckless neighbors.

When it comes to health insurance, however, the issue is not so cut and dried, because it’s my body and health I am being forced to protect.  This decision should be left to me, not the government. On the other hand, since you and I are paying for MediCare (for the poor, disabled, and in some cases “moochers”), and since there are laws requiring hospitals to care for anyone who shows up at an emergency room, regardless of ability to pay for services, there is a similarity to the auto insurance argument.

These factors shift the financial burden onto those of us who are paying the bills (via insurance premiums, co-pays and taxes). So, the way I see it, charging a $600 per year penalty to anyone who doesn’t qualify for MediCare or a hefty subsidy toward health insurance is a necessary evil.

However!!!  I resent being forced to buying-in to a system that I have no desire to use!  It’s all designed to stifle symptoms, which is counter-productive to actual health.  The current mainstream medical system is not much more than a legalized drug-pushing mafia.  They’re “pushing” dangerous and expensive drugs, surgery and decades-old technology, while investing billions in generating laws and propaganda designed to keep us Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, desperate for the next purple pill promoted on T.V.

I have many friends and clients who are holistic doctors and med students. In medical school they’re given so little (about two hours of) education on how to actually care for our bodies and minds, that it’s a joke!  It wasn’t ten years ago that I found myself arguing with my daughter’s pediatrician who refused to prescribe Probiotics after ten days on antibiotics. The doctor was clueless, and what’s worse, contended that I was clueless!

There was plenty of evidence then, and stack and stacks more now, of the importance of pro-biotics to keep the good bacteria in supply, while antibiotics killed off both good and bad bacteria in my daughter’s gut. But I didn’t have the letters “M.D.” after my name, so what I said mattered not.

But honestly, that’s not fair… even medical doctors, who go against the standard AMA accepted protocol today, are commonly hunted down for a lashing by the FDA and the mainstream drug cartel. Take Stanislav Burzinski, M.D., the dedicated cancer cure developer who was harrassed for 20 years for curing cancer – costing him millions in legal fees. Or my friend Robban Sica, a holistic M.D., who paid hundreds of thousands to defend her right to administer life-saving chelation therapy in Orange, CT. The list goes on and on.

In reality, this country does not have a “healthcare” system… It has a disease-maintenance system.  A huge segment of our economy is based on the so-called “treatment” of disease. And because it is so profitable, and so ineffective, there are actually laws against curing diseases such as cancer and other so-called incurables. It’s just business to them, friends.

Are you aware that over 225,000 people die each year due to the “proper application” of drugs and surgery? This is a statistic published in the Centers for Disease Control’s National Vital Statistics Report (July 24, 2000, Vol. 48, No. 11, p. 26). That makes mainstream medicine the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, just behind heart disease and cancer! (Here is a user-friendly website where you can easily get the breakdown of the CDC’s statistics.)

So, this is the system that we are being forced into joining. And THAT, dear friends, is the problem with ObamaCare!

More to come…