Power Breathing

… for Brain, Body & Spirit

Want to improve your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health… dramatically and simultaneously? Learn how to increase energy, process emotions, optimize brain function, and reduce stress using your breathing as the powerful tool it can be. But first you must release deep subconscious holding patterns that keep you disconnected from the ultimate energy source.

At this interactive presentation, participants will:

  • Learn why 75% of the population breathes at 30% of capacity
  • Understand the 3 primary factors that restrict breathing, especially under stress
  • Discover why leading-edge brain expert Daniel Amen, M.D. uses breathing to optimize the brain
  • Gain an understanding of how well or poorly they are breathing
  • Practice a simple self-help technique to expand their own breathing capacity (aka vital capacity)
  • Discover opportunities to reclaim the healing power of deep breathing

Hire Lois to bring this 45- to 75-minute program to your office, school, church, university, library, etc!

Lois Grasso, CTBF, is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and trainer, who is passionate about empowering individuals to create healthy & happy lives. She has presented programs to audiences large and small at events ranging from 45-minutes to 7-days in length. She maintains a private practice as a Health & Business Coach & Speaker based in East Hartford, CT, and is also available for Video Sessions online and speaking engagements worldwide.


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