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Get all the vitamins and minerals you need delivered directly to your cells via Light Particle Assimilation.General Instructions for Proper Use of VitaMedallion™

Attach VitaMedallion™ to the chain and wear in the morning, during the day and/or at night. The specially-charged anklet should also be worn on the right ankle for a minimum of one month. This anklet helps expedite the migration of nutrient light particles into the cells via the electromagnetic field and “structures” the full range of fluids in the body for optimal absorption.

Once the system is acclimated, wear the VitaMedallion for a minimum of 4-hours per day. If you are exposed to sick people, are flying in an airplane, or feel an illness coming on, wear all day and night. Keep it on until you are no longer in danger of catching something.


Does the VitaMedallion™ have to touch my skin directly?

No. VitaMedallion™ emanates the essential light frequency of the vitamins and minerals and they are delivered to the blood being pumped through your heart, by way of your electromagnetic field. Therefore it does not have to be placed directly on the body to work. It should however be placed no more than one inch from the skin to be effective.

Is VitaMedallion™ safe? How long will the effects last after I stop wearing it?

The light particles of VitaMedallion’s specially-treated vitamins, minerals and nutrients penetrate your body via the electromagnetic field. They are held in the field and in bodily fluids while wearing it. When it is removed from your body, the light particles immediately dissipate from the electromagnetic fields of your body. It takes 2-6 hours for them to dissipate completely from the liquids in your body. Because the effects are temporary, the VitaMedallion™ does not cause any kind of stress on your body and is therefore totally safe.

How often and how long should I wear the VitaMedallion? Is there a minimum or maximum?

It can safely be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by persons of any age, sex or physical condition, if desired. However, some people report that they stay awake & restless when wearing it at night, during sleep time. Simply remove it until morning.

How long does it take to notice the effects?

Improvements are usually noticed over a 2-hour to 30-day period. If you feel dependent upon a daily regimen of orally-consumed supplements, to be safe we recommend continuing taking them, while also wearing the VitaMedallion™, for approximately 3 weeks. For some people it can take that long for the nutrients in VitaMedallion™ to migrate completely throughout your system.

I am an athlete. Can I wear VitaMedallion™ while training or competing?

VitaMedallion™ can be worn while running, training or working out, as well as during normal routines in office, home or school. Athletes have the potential opportunity to enhance, improve and extend their performance and endurance when worn before, during, and/or after athletic activities.

Can my body take in too much of any particular nutrient?

No. The Phosphorescent Sheaths covering the cells function as light particle gatekeepers, or regulators. Cells can only absorb the light particles it needs at any given time.

What does “structured water” mean and why is it important to my health?

When viewed under a high powered microscope, molecules of fresh, naturally purified water display a beautiful crystalline structure. Like snowflakes, each is uniquely detailed. (see pics below).

Structure water with beautiful TriVortex Accessories KEY: Structured water molecules have lower surface
tension than smeared Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.16.41 PMmolecules, making it easier for structured water to enter and exit – so it can nourish and cleanse – your body’s cells. Since an estimated 70-90% of your body is composed of water, this is an important feature of VitaMedallion™.

Like all TriVortex® treated products and fashion accessories, the VitaMedallion™ also structures water –
in your body, in your glass, or in your food!

However, water that has been exposed to physical or energetic toxins, or otherwise compromised or “dirtied”, loses its crystalline molecular structure. These so-called “chaotic” molecules actually look smeared and ugly under the microscope (see pics below).

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.15.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.16.08 PM

The pictures to the left and right are pictures of actual chaotic water molecules. Typically, tap water and much of the bottled water purchased today looks like this under a high-powered microscope. Hmmm….

No wonder many people say they “don’t like water”!


How can I experience the benefits of structured water for myself?

EXPERIMENT: Pour two glasses (glass, not plastic) of your favorite wine, beer, or distilled water. Make sure each sample is identical (from the same bottle, etc.). Hold your VitaMedallion™, anklet, or other TriVortex® Accessory, against one of the glasses for 30-60 seconds. Keep the other glass at least a foot away from the treated glass. Now, blindfold yourself and have a friend offer you one glass and then the other, remembering, but not telling you, which is which. Notice which one tastes smoother and more enjoyable! Do this blind-folded to eliminate bias.

What if I structure my tap water and drink it? Will I be allowing any toxins in the water to enter my cells more easily?

This is a very astute question and should be of concern, because there are hundreds of known toxic chemicals commonly found in tap water. We recommend at the very least, purchasing a good quality water purification system and drinking water that has been purified and then structured with a TriVortex® tool. The best solution is to drink distilled structured water. We do not recommend drinking unstructured, distilled water.

three citrus in white bowlHow does supplementation via VitaMedallion™ compare with digesting foods and nutrients the “old fashioned” way?

First, it should be understood that VitaMedallion™ is not intended as a replacement for fresh and healthy (preferably organically grown) whole foods. However, we all know that many foods (even unprocessed organic vegetables!) are sadly deficient in nutrients, when compared to the foods grown when your grandparents were children. VitaMedallion™ is not only a wonderful option for persons who suffer from digestive problems, but also a superior way to supplement the low-quality foods being produced today. Here’s why:

In the digestive system, nutrients consumed via organic whole and raw foods are broken down into basic structures that emit properly balanced amounts of light particles. These can be absorbed into your cells at maximum nutrient density levels. With proper water hydration, the fiber and other materials (that cannot be absorbed into your cells) are easily eliminated from your body via normal bodily functions. 

However, supplement pills, powders, gels and liquids, which have been extracted from whole and raw foods make inferior basic structures. They emit improperly balanced or poor amounts of light particles, because they are not complete, natural foods. After being processed by the stomach, intestines and liver, they can only be absorbed into your cells at minimum levels.

For example, when you eat a high-quality fresh organic orange, Vitamin C is absorbed by your cells at a maximum level. However, in pill, powder or liquid form, Vitamin C is absorbed into your cells at a minimal level, because your digestive system interprets the unnatural, isolated Vitamin C as a foreign and unknown substance. Furthermore, any materials in a vitamin or mineral pill, powder, gel or liquid that cannot be absorbed by your cells, are eliminated from your body with great difficulty – even with proper water hydration.

VitaMedallion™ contains whole, organically grown, non-GMO foods that have been dehydrated and then dreamstimefree_186427treated with TriVortex® Technology. The nutrient light-particles emitted from the VitaMedallion™ are properly balanced and complete, and delivered directly to the cells. This is preferable to being processed in the digestive system, which can be compromised in various chronic and acute ways, and therefore “dangerous” to nutrients.

NOTE: After the superfoods and nutrients have been sealed in the VitaMedallion™, it is also then treated in the TriVortex® chamber.


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