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Now you can WEAR rather than swallow your vitamins, minerals and nutrients, with no stress on your digestive system, while being nourished in the most natural manner. Start and saving thousands of dollars by absorbing your essential phytonutrients via your SKIN and your electromagnetic field (light body).

The benefits are astounding…

  • Proper Cell Hydration
  • Fast Pain Relief
  • Light Particle Assimilation
  • Complete Vitamin, Mineral & Nutrient Absorption
  • Complete Hyaluronic Acid Uptake

How is all this possible without ingesting a single substance?

This new technology is called Light Particle Assimilation.

Background:  Albert Einstein demonstrated in his mathematical equation E=MC2, that essentially everything consists of energy. As stated on Wikipedia’s page about this equation: “this mass–energy relation states that the universal proportionality factor between equivalent amounts of energy and mass is equal to the speed of light squared.” Emphasis added so you will keep this in mind for later.

In case you have difficulty believing in what you cannot see, consider this quote from Wikipedia regarding the nature of light itself: “In physics, the term light sometimes refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, whether visible or not. In this sense, gamma rays, X-rays, microwaves and radio waves are also light.” You can’t see these waves either, but you believe they exist when your radio goes on or microwave heats your food, right?

Wikipedia continues… “Like all types of light, visible light is emitted and absorbed in tiny “packets” called photons, and exhibits properties of both waves and particles.”

In the late 1990’s, biologists discovered that every cell in humans, animals and plants, is covered in a sheath made of the chemical element Phosphorus (Illustrated below). Phosphorus absorbs, transforms and emits light particles. They call this “phosphorescence”, defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as: “luminescence that is caused by the absorption of radiations (as light or electrons) and continues for a noticeable time after these radiations have stopped.” Every live cell in your body has this ability because it has a phosphorescent sheath.



When nutrients are processed in the digestive system (including the liver), they are broken down into very basic structures, each of which emits a unique frequency of light that you might call the “signature” of the nutrient.

VitaMedallion contains nutrients that are vortex-intensified in a very natural yet reliable manner. This process allows their light particles to be emitted from the VitaMedallion so they can be absorbed into your cells as needed, at optimum levels, without orally consuming anything.

The light particles of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in the VitaMedallion™, are held and distributed throughout your body in two ways: by the electromagnetic fields and the liquids of the body. Your cells only absorb the light particles of chemical elements they need. All other light particles are eliminated or removed from your body.

Why Wear Your Supplements Rather than Swallowing Them?

Here are several VERY good reasons:

1) Save Money – Many conscientious people spend $100/month or more on supplements, because they know that foods are far less rich in nutrients than they were even 10 years ago. VitaMedallion pays for itself within 3-6 months and saves you hundreds over the next 5 years or more!

2) It’s tough to determines what nutrients you need, based on variations in diet, stress and activity levels.

3) It can be expensive to get the best quality and impossible to determine the exact doses needed at various times.

4) Many people have digestive disorders and/or difficulty digesting supplements. Absorption depends on optimal conditions in the stomach, intestines and colon. VitaMedallion’s delivery system bypasses the digestive system completely. They do not cause stress on the digestive system, even when unused light particles are being eliminated from your body.

5) Even if your digestive system is pristine, the less expensive versions of many vitamins can be tough on your digestive system and absorption can be hit or miss.

5) SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE!  Never fill another pill box, strain to read tiny print on a bottle, waste time reading about the latest & greatest new  supplement, worry about whether you’re taking the right supplement with food or without, or cringe when someone sneezes your way!


The vitamins, minerals and nutrients consumed in whole and raw foods break down into basic structures that emit proper light particles that are absorbed at maximum (nutrient dense) levels into your cells. The fibers and materials that cannot be absorbed by your cells are easily eliminated and removed from your body with proper water hydration and normal bodily functions.

Supplement pills, powders, gels and liquids, which have been extracted from whole and raw foods make inferior basic structures, which emit improperly balanced or poor amounts of light particles. After being processed by the stomach, intestines and liver, they can only be absorbed into your cells at minimum levels.

For example, when you eat a high-quality fresh organic orange, Vitamin C is absorbed by your cells at a maximum level. However, in pill, powder or liquid form, Vitamin C is absorbed into your cells at a minimal level, because your digestive system interprets the unnatural, isolated Vitamin C as a foreign and unknown substance. Forthermore, any materials in a vitamin or mineral pill, powder, gel or liquid that cannot be absorbed by your cells, are eliminated from your body with great difficulty – even with proper water hydration.

How long does the effect last after you stop wearing VitaMedallion?

The light particles of the treated vitamins, minerals and nutrients penetrate the skin of your body and additionally, are held in the liquids of the body for two hours after wearing VitaTabs. When the VitaTab is removed from your body, the light particles emitted from the tabs immediately dissipate from the electromagnetic fields of your body and are completely dissipated throughout the liquids in your body within two to six hours. Therefore, the VitaTabs are totally safe and do not cause any kind of stress on your body.

VitaMedallion contains miniscule yet very potent and balanced amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and therefore do not have to be placed directly on the body to work. They should be placed no more than one inch from the skin to be effective, however. The VitaMedallion can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week by persons of any age, sex or physical condition. Improvements are usually noticed over a 2-hour to 30-day period. Athletes have the potential opportunity to enhance, improve and extend their performance and endurance when worn before and/or after athletic activities. TriVibe can also be worn during running, training or workout activities or during normal routines in office or school venues. The totally safe and effective pendant is worn on the body by simply attaching to the chain and wearing. Wear in the morning, during the day or at night (may keep some individuals awake & restless). However, the minimum application to the body for maximum absorption of the light particle nutrients is 2-hours when placed on the wrist or ankle, and 4-hours when worn on the chest or throat area. Users are encouraged to experiment and/or trust their intuition to discover the optimum placement of the pendant on specific parts of their bodies for various conditions, times and events.

Can your body take in too much of any particular nutrient?

No. The Phosphorescent Sheaths, covering the cells, function as light particle gatekeepers, or regulators, and only absorb the light particles needed by each cell at any given time.


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