Get all the vitamins and minerals you need delivered directly to your cells via Light Particle Assimilation.Nutrition in a Necklace? YUM!
I mean… YES!!!

You’re committed to getting or staying healthy, or you wouldn’t be reading this, right? Have I got a healthy treat for you!

Imagine never having to guess about…

  • which vitamins you need today, given your activity and stress levels?
  • which minerals you might not be getting enough of this week?
  • what’s the right dose for you of each nutrient?
  • which brand is the best quality at the best price and…
  • how much is all this gonna cost you next month, or next year?

I know the drill!  For decades I have been trying diligently to stay up on the latest supplements and stave off the aging process. I’ve been doing pretty well with it, but it was getting pretty cumbersome just filling up my pillbox and remembering the ones in the fridge and then there were the weeks when I was out of something so had to wait a week for my order to come in!

I was really skeptical when my friend Judith Kravitz told me about a medallion that is worn as a necklace, that delivers a wide range of vitamins, minerals as well as some of the most proven popular herbs and superfoods.  I tried to decline, but she sent me one anyway!

To my surprise, I wore the thing every day for two weeks! I haven’t been comfortable wearing any metal jewelry for decades. But my body liked this one!  This was BIG for me: I remembered to put it on each morning and take it off each night before bed.

Finally, I decided this was worth a shot. So I cautiously stopped packing my pill box each week and stopped taking all my vitamins. (I was taking about 12 different pills each day.) Normally if I ran out of one pill or another, I would feel a drop in energy within a few days, and just feel “off”.

I was thrilled when three weeks after stopping my pillbox routine, my fiance (whom I live with) got a really bad cold!  Well, I wasn’t thrilled about his situation, but I was thrilled that I never got it and didn’t have to take mass quantities of vitamin C either! In fact, despite feeling sorry for poor Steven, I felt better than ever.

Sounds crazy… like science fiction, right?

Well I thought so too. Until I experienced it for myself. As of right now, I haven’t taken any vitamin supplements in about 5 months. I feel as good as I ever did when I was spending about $100/month on them. Sometimes better!

Like when everyone around me is getting the flu… But not me!

Trying to make sense of it all, I did some serious critical thinking. Know what? It’s not so sci-fi after all!  It’s no more crazy than how cell phones work, or the T.V. or even the radio.  And these things aren’t exactly helping us! But that’s another subject altogether.

The point is it works in a similar way… energy waves that deliver a message!  How is that crazy? It’s normal these days!

The VitaMedallion™ is based on a new technology called Light Particle Assimilation. It delivers the frequency of each nutrient (E = MC2 = Everything is Energy!) to the cells via the phosphorescent sheath found on every living cell of your body.

Good old “photosynthesis” works in a similar way, right?

And how do our bodies create Vitamin D3? Exposure to sunlight!

Well, I think you get the point… and it lasts for at least 5 years!  So if you want to save lots of time, money and stress trying to stay young and healthy, I would highly recommend getting one of these little numbers asap.

You can get the stainless steel silver tone triangle for just $295.

The 18 kt gold plated round model goes for $395. 

Geez, I used to spend that much in just 4 months!

I am so impressed with this product, I just had to get a wholesale account, so I could hook my friends up and make a few bucks for my effort (it’s only right). Let me know if you want one.

In fact, I’m thinking of setting up an affiliate distribution system for the VitaMedallion™, because the brilliant inventor is not exactly focused on business and marketing. So if you want to, you can make a little extra sharing the good news too! Let me know if you are interested and it’ll light the fire under my butt to get the system set up. Investors are welcome to inquire as well!

Click here to order one or go to the contact form to ask any questions you might have.

Happy Day!



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