trauma-kidsDo you suffer?
Or simply know there’s more to life?

If you are suffering from emotional distress, frustrating relationships, chronic pain, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, depression, chronic anxiety, or some other supposedly “incurable” chronic illness… you’ve found the right site.

Perhaps you just want more energy and motivation? Peace of mind? Joyful experiences? Are you forgetful, unable to concentrate, feeling disconnected or at-risk of serious illness?  Maybe you just hate your job?  Or hope that there’s more to life than what you’ve experienced so far?

Whether you want to conquer chronic illness, heal from loss, or just enjoy life for a change, getting to this website was a giant step forward.

images-3Since 2002, I’ve been helping people process painful emotions and develop healthier patterns of breathing, thinking, speaking and acting. All of this naturally adds up to a healthy body, happy mind, right livelihood, great relationships and Spiritual fulfillment. The more motivated you are, the faster it happens.

You need an expert who can help you identify, resolve, and move beyond your unique set of roadblocks. 

It’s easy to get distracted by all the demands of life. It can be tough to focus on what you want long enough to actually get it.  And you might be sabotaging yourself, too. Negative “beliefs” about yourself and the world have been programmed into the hidden parts of your mind since before birth. You may not even know they are there, or how they affect you. Psychologists call them “cognitive structures” which come from “conditioning”. I like to call it your “Personal Operating System,” because computers provide a good analogy. More on that later…

 Your real life is waiting. The world needs you to step up into it.

My unique perspective, expertise, compassion and leading-edge strategies will help YOU free your body & mind. Supported by my extensive body/mind health knowledge, combined with deep listening, empathy, intuition and unconditional acceptance, you’ll soon shed your self-sabotage “programs” and feel worthy of the love, joy, health, and perhaps even wealth that you desire.

IMG_1541Live your life the way you see fit.

I can even help you become a successful entrepreneur, author, or public speaker, if that’s your desire. But whether you’re looking to relieve stress and have more fun, heal a serious illness or relationship OR want to finally fulfill your true potential – professionally and personally – I can definitely help you step into the life you’re meant to live.

Using a seamless combination of the following modalities, you can experience rapid and exciting progress toward fulfilling your dreams:

Transformational Breath®, Coherent Breathing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT Tapping), Reverse Therapy, delicious nutritional foods and supplements, Dr. Amen’s Brain System Checklists, EcoTherapy, On-the-Ball™ Anger Clearing, and healthy communication skills shown to reverse Chronic Illness in 83% of adults.

What makes me different than a Life Coach or Psychotherapist?

HOLISTIC APPROACH – I see you as a Spiritual Being having a physical, mental and emotional experience called “Life on Earth”.  Despite the well-accepted evidence that 90% of illness is caused by stress, most psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists are just not trained to understand and support the physical, emotional AND spiritual nature of healing. And even a Life Coach is rarely equipped with the tools, understanding and information required to address the interplay between physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Based on symptoms appearing in the body, I can easily identify subconscious emotional and spiritual causes of stress. Together, we’ll identify the physical lifestyle habits that contribute to physical, mental and emotional distress. You’ll get educated and motivated to make key changes.

Anxiety, PTSD, peace of mind, brain, Dr. AmenBRAIN & GUT BALANCE – Brain imbalances can cause physical, mental and emotional illness. But they can also make it hard to connect with your true self, other people, and the Source of All Life (aka God, Spirit, Higher Power, Yahweh, Allah, etc). Fascinated by the work of Daniel Amen, M.D., and David Perlmutter, M.D., cutting-edge doctors in the new brain science, I’ve studied how “chemical imbalances” are created in the brain. It often starts in the gut!  Natural, drug-free solutions can help create balance again.

UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE WITH GRATITUDE – When is the last time you felt truly seen, heard, understood, and accepted for who you are? This is my definition of LOVE, the key ingredient for success in any healing or personal growth process. However, only someone who has reprogrammed their own inner critic into their own inner support system, can give you the love and support you need to feel safe. It takes a lot of work to get there. Few actually do it.

PERSONAL COMMITMENT – At least half of my skill, knowledge and experience comes from my ongoing long-term commitment to “doing my own work”. I am an independent thinker, passionately motivated to healing myself when challenges arise, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many of my clients are psychotherapists themselves.

INTEGRITY PLUS – I understand that high integrity is necessary to living a happy life, because guilt and shame are happiness killers. My own commitment to a happy life requires me to let you know if your needs or goals are beyond my scope and qualifications. If so, I will refer you to an excellent, qualified colleague.

EXPERIENCE – An entrepreneur since 1983, I understand the mental, physical and financial realities of being self-employed. My breadth of skill, knowledge, intuition and experience acquired from the proverbial “School of Hard Knocks”, combined with my professional and on-the-job training (since 2002), makes me uniquely equipped to guide and/or support you on your journey. Many of my clients are psychotherapists themselves. Most are “spiritual warriors”. Others are just beginning their journeys of self-development. All are serious about rapid change.

Take Robin for example…

“I first came to see Lois Grasso to help me with my business. As we talked, she recognized some underlying issues that were impeding progress in my business. She explained to me how Transformational Breath work, along with Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT Tapping] could help clear up some of those issues. I have been working with Lois now for over a year and the results have been tremendous. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and intuitive. She creates a safe space for emotional exploration and expression. I feel completely safe with her. I made more progress with Lois in one year than in the previous 4 years with traditional psychotherapy. She continues to help me transform my life, so I can truly live with authenticity and freedom. I highly recommend Lois. She is an amazing human being, who has really done her own inner work.”
~ Robin Pomper, LMT
Click here for more testimonials from real people with names.

Call me for a FREE Initial Consultation. It’s your next step.
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  • Get healthy – the way nature intended
  • Transform relationships with children, parents or partner
  • Find the man or woman of your dreams
  • Step out of the anxiety / depression cycle
  • Attract more positive people into your life
  • Experience more time and energy for fun and family
  • Heal fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
  • Feel good every day… physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Connect deeply with Higher Power / God / Spirit / Jehovah / Allah …
  • Fulfill your highest potential

Go ahead. Take the next step. It’s easy. Contact me now.

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