Breathe & Tune-in to Your True Nature

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 1.08.49 PMHave you been experiencing any of these?

  •     Self-sabotage, anxiety, and/or depression
  •     Patterns of dysfunction and conflict in relationships
  •     Chronic pain, chronic illness or life-threatening disease
  •     Persistent feelings of discontent, anger, worry, resentment and frustration
  •     The effects of Emotional or Physical Trauma, either as a child or adult

If you’ve been working on these issues and are ready for a breakthrough, this event could be the giant step you’ve been seeking.  All the Yogis and Spiritual Masters know that the breath is the gateway between the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious levels of the Body-Mind.  Even cutting-edge Quantum Biologists are finding that the Body and Mind are inseparable during the human experience.

Although we all may feel restricted, frustrated… maybe even angry at times, at our bodies and minds, the key to optimal health, happiness and Spiritual freedom is to truly occupy the body and express our True Nature.  Even if you have experienced this phenomenon already, repetition is required for long-lasting change.  Please join us for a rich and unique opportunity to share an intimate group experience of powerful self-healing via the Divine connection between breath, body, mind and sound.

Join us for a Spectacular 1-Day Intensive featuring:

Lois Grasso facilitating Transformational Breath® and TrueSpeak™

followed by…

Tracey Kroll’s Healing Gong Meditation at his beautiful Sound Retreat, surrounded by acres of Mother Nature.

Breathe Deeply and Tune-In to Your True Nature at this growth-intensive one-day retreat… a Divine healing experience of…

  • BEING and expressing who you really ARE.
  • Full support in the safe and effective expression of ALL feelings.
  • Letting deep, Connected Breathing transform pain into joy.
  • The ecstasy of FEELING your DEEP biological connection to the Divine!
  • A simple formula to express difficult emotions and needs without hurting anyone.
  • The primal healing sounds of Gong and Singing Bowls.

Lois Grasso has 18+ years experience supporting people in the process of reclaiming and expressing their true nature.  She does this primarily by helping you breathe deeply and tune-in to your body and soul, where you can effectively access and transform subconscious programs and buried emotions.  Bring that powerful aspect of you into full alignment with what your  conscious mind and Higher Self are really wanting to experience and manifest.

SPACE IS LIMITED to 12 people! We expect this to sell out quickly.  RESERVE NOW with a Deposit of $50.00 per person.

DATE &TIME:  Sunday, December 8, 2019. Arrive by 9:45. Program goes  from 10:00am – 5:00pm.

LOCATION: The Sound Retreat in Chester, CT, is a beautiful, sacred space surrounded by acres of trees and a brook.

Advance Reservations: On or before December 6, 2019
Sliding Scale of $75 to $150/person with $50 deposit to reserve.  Self-determined balance is due at retreat via cash, check or credit card. We are committed to sharing this life-changing work with people from all walks of life and income levels. We trust that you will pay slightly more than you feel comfortable paying, another way of moving out of your limiting comfort zone.

IMPORTANT: Due to limited space and high demand, the deposit is not-refundable UNLESS you notify Lois in advance by phone or text and we are able to fill your spot.  However, credit toward a private coaching session with Lois will be issued if you are unable to attend due to an emergency or illness, and notify us prior to start of event.

Last Minute: After 5pm on December 6th or at the Door: $150/person.  Be sure to call ahead to see if space is available!

A DOOR PRIZE valued at over $100, will be raffled off at end of day.  Everyone who attends will receive one free raffle ticket.

 get ONE EXTRA TICKET for each day you BEAT THE 
Reg Deadline of Dec. 6, 2019.  The last two events like this were sold out in advance!

*NOTE: This event may not be appropriate for total beginners on the path of self-inquiry, nor for those who have experienced significant trauma AND not yet begun the healing process. 

Questions?  Call or Text Lois (Grasso) Stevens at 860-796-1480 between 9am and 8pm!

Ready to reserve your spot? Click here NOW!

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