Holistic Health: Relationship Advice


Relationship Problems? Are you ready and willing to take back your power?

Relationship advice: If you are serious about creating a healthy and satisfying life for yourself, complete with supportive, trusting relationships you must take back your own power in a healthy way. Otherwise, you will always be caught up in the power struggle that keeps you on the relationship roller coaster.

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, a physical illness, or just want to feel more fulfilled and accepted, you are sure to benefit and grow with me – in private coaching sessions or workshops. Well, that is, as long as you come with an open mind and are willing to take steps toward what you really want.

If you want someone to save you, you’re not going to find it here (nor anywhere for that matter). Because real internal power is based on taking personal responsibility for yourself, your choices, your beliefs, words and thoughts.

If you’ve seen The Secret movie, you might be excited (or disappointed by now) about the idea that you can attract into your life what you want. What you might have missed is the fact that you ARE attracting – all the time, every day.

If you don’t like what you are experiencing, it’s because your subconscious mind is not on the same page with your conscious desires. It’s like trying to run the latest version of “Word” on a very old version of Windows! They’re not compatible. And the “firmware” is more entrenched than the “software”.

Although you can’t do it alone, you are the only one who has the power to update your old “personal operating system”.  And guess what… Your roller coaster is gonna keep crashing until you do.

Chances are, you’ve already done a decent amount of “clean up” in your personal operating system… if not, you probably would have clicked away by now !      ;>)

My expertise is in supporting your personal growth on all levels… physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual.

Emotionally and mentally speaking, if you decide to work with me we’ll cleanse the emotional pandora’s box that starts to fly open whenever you feel scared, angry or sad.

You’ll learn how to approve of yourself no matter what you are feeling, and how to express your feelings (even anger) in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone or sabotage your relationship goals.

Spiritually, we’ll explore the difference between religion and God, and the underlying spiritual principles that lead to integrity and joy. We’ll also look at ways to experience God for yourself.

And since what goes on in the body affects how you respond to the emotional and spiritual aspects of you, we’ll discuss easy ways to clean up your physical health. Like choosing better foods, health supplements, non-toxic products for personal & household care… and things like that.

My office is located in the west end of Hartford, CT, and I conduct sessions by phone or skype as well.
Call 860-796-1480 for more info or to schedule an appointment.