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Drug rehabilitation programs

Drug rehabilitation programs

While there are numerous drug treatment centers in the country, not all are the same. Some are more qualified to treat addiction and provide the environment that inspires recovery. You can tell the kind of rehab center it is by looking at the drug rehabilitation programs offered. The finest will provide several programs to suit the different needs of their guests.

In addition, the treatment should take on various approaches for an all-round healing experience. This is why at Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we put a lot of work behind our programs to give our clients the best chance of achieving lasting sobriety.

It's Not Just the Drug Rehab Center, Staff that Counts. It’s the Program That the Rehab Center Employs, and Here is Our Program and Why it is So Exceptional

At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we know that the treatment we offer at our addiction treatment center has a tremendous impact on our guest’s recovery. That is why we created a program that can help you or your loved one get on the road to recovery and remain sober.

Here are the two key components of our addiction treatment program and why it’s second to none:

  • Medical Detox

When you arrive at our facility for addiction treatment, our specialists will introduce you to our medical detox program depending on your substance of use and level of addiction. Detoxification involves ridding your body of all the alcohol or drugs in your system and is a crucial first step towards recovery.

Medically-supervised detox aims to stop your physical dependence on alcohol or drugs. During detoxification, you'll experience withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable and severe, but our medical personnel will closely monitor you and provide medication to ease the side effects.

Detox can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, and getting through it successfully is vital for your long-term recovery. When you’re no longer craving the substance you had a dependence on, we can move to the next phase in our addiction rehab process.

  • Residential Inpatient Program

After you’ve completed detoxification, it’s crucial to receive further treatment to avoid relapsing. We've designed the second part of our program to help strengthen your body, mind, and soul so you can avoid alcohol or drugs even after leaving our facility.

In our inpatient program, you will work with a therapist to find the underlying cause of your addiction problem and treat it.

You will also attend group therapy, which lasts 5 hours daily, provides support, and encourages community sharing of the struggles you go through. We discuss various topics affecting our guests to help you better deal with the challenges in life that may have triggered your substance use disorder.

For the duration of our residential program, we’ll equip you with the skills needed to live a new life free from addictive substances. Many people who go into recovery have a hard time staying away from their substance of use, but at our addiction rehab centers, we do everything we can to help you soldier on and live your best life without relapsing.

An Addiction Program Designed for Your Complete Recovery

Drug rehabilitation programs that don’t deal with the root causes of substance use disorders are usually in-effective, and guests end up relapsing. At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, our treatment approach not only weans your body off drugs or alcohol but also equips you with the tools you require to lead a fulfilling, healthy, substance-free life. For the ‘best addiction treatment near me,' come to us. Get free, confidential help for addiction to drugs and alcohol: 877-732-6837.

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