Your Holistic Healthy-Life MakeOver

ImageWant a Healthy New Life in Just 6 Months?

As you know, real lasting change is ultimately up to you. But if you engage yourself fully and let us help you keep your commitments to yourself, based on goals that we’ll help you to identify and achieve, your life will be dramatically improved before you know it!

YES! Join us for an Introductory Workshop entitled “Speak Your Truth; Heal Your Life”

At The Beyond Center in Vernon, CT. Just 10-seconds off exit 65 from I-84 East

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On some level,
you know it’s true…

There is FAR more potential inside you than what you’ve shown the world so far. You’ve got hidden talents, unique passions, and valuable experience to share. The world needs what you have to give. But when it comes to fulfilling your life’s mission, you’ve only scratched the surface. You know it’s true.

The tough question is: what’s holding you back from realizing your dreams and fulfilling your true potential?

imagesIs it physical pain or chronic illness?

Degrading or unsatisfying relationships?

Anxiety, ADD or depression?

Maybe it’s a lack of money, clarity, or a sense of not being good enough?

Or is it something completely different?  I’ll bet it is, even if you do suffer from the above. It probably has something to do with NOT being able to TELL YOUR TRUTH in a way that feels good to you while respecting everyone involved.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back…
We’ll figure it out.

And if you’re ready to stop playing small, I can help you start living large!
There is an antidote for whatever ails you.
But we must address it via body, mind and soul… together, simultaneously.

The Holistic Healthy Life MakeOver provides a comprehensive blueprint for overhauling areas of your life that hold you down. You will receive the right balance of support and challenge to effectively develop the knowledge, friends, & healthy habits needed for…

  • Vibrant Energy & Physical Health

  • Emotional Healing & Trauma Resolution

  • Realizing Your Unique Personal Mission

  • Clearing the Way to Divine Guidance

  • Balanced and Healthy Self-Empowerment

Within a confidential group of like-minded and motivated peers, you’ll learn to harness the power of mutual sharing & support… safely and effectively.

Here’s How…images-3

  1. Discover the kind of truth that really sets you free – and how to express it in a way that works for all.
  2. Develop your Hidden Innate PowerTools™ to resolve trauma and reclaim your higher will.
  3. Master the skill of directing your body-mind to obey your soul – and make it a habit!
  4. Practice the easy way Tibetan Monks used, 5000 years ago, to balance and energize the
    7 major chakras while strengthening body and mind in just 20-minutes a day!
  5. Energize the 14 Minor chakras (found in your joints!) and harness the power of intention with my original 10-minute morning “breathfast” routine called OxyCise™.
  6. Reprogram Self-Limiting Beliefs that have been sabotaging your success since childhood.
  7. Tap into the natural laws of the Universe so you can harness rather than avoid their power.
  8. Open up to the power of Mother Nature to feel her emotional, physical and spiritual support.
  9. Rules of engagement will help you stick-to-it, as we work together – as a team – to adopt healthy habits and realize each individual’s full potential.

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Practice the 8 safest, self-empowerment  tools available today…

1) Tran
sformational Breathing™

Breathe Deeply

This powerful “conscious-connected breathing” modality clears emotional baggage, expands breathing capacity and transforms your relationship with All That Is… from fear into love and safety. This is a truly amazing experience… available in group or individual sessions!

Today I learned how to truly breathe and be. I was really nervous at first. During the session, I felt love. I felt spirit.”  ~Sandy Lefebvre, 1st group breath session

“Before today, I didn’t think there was a God. Now I know God.” ~ Bo Jin (2003) 1st breath session

2) Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT)

Tapping your fingertips across a brief series of acupuncture points, while talking about whatever is bothering you, can neutralize your reaction to the issue and clear the energetic residue from your body/mind.

“The workshop was an unbelievable experience. I had more movement in this 7 hours than I had in 2 years of weekly psychotherapy… progress that I can see and feel deep inside. You are an amazing presenter with a gift of touching people. You’re great at what you do.”
~ A. Hoskins

3) Reverse Therapy™ – Communication that Works!

images-4This simple new model for healing includes a powerful formula for communicating your truth in a positive way that brings results – inside and out. Five “incurable” diseases were reversed in 83% of 600 adults in a 10-year study in the United Kingdom. I am one of just a few trained and practicing this amazing modality in the U.S.

“You are one of those teachers that comes into a person’s life and changes them in a way they didn’t know they could change. I can’t thank you enough!
~ Lindsay S. (Jamaica Retreat, 2008)

4) On The Ball™ Anger Clearing

Anger got a bad rep due to the abuse of power that most of us have experienced since childhood. Many consider it the “non-spiritual” or “bad” emotion. But physically and intentionally expressing old anger that’s been packed away (aka “emotional baggage”) for years, prevents it from popping out in ways that can cause guilt and ruin relationships.

In fact, healthy anger is key for the setting of healthy boundaries, which are key to creating happy relationships of all kinds! Reclaiming your right – and ability – to say YES or NO to others, is absolutely necessary for attaining your true desires!  Making peace with anger by expressing it in safe, constructive ways, opens the door to healthy self-empowerment.


“Lois Grasso is a gifted Breathwork facilitator and healer, who made a great difference for me. I want to give her the gift of a spontaneous, unsolicited and grateful “testimonial”. As some folks know, I had several years of increasingly crappy health, but I’m doing extremely well now (YAY!). I would recommend Lois so highly to ANYONE, especially folks with health issues. I resisted going because I thought I knew how to breathe (I didn’t, and I think most of us don’t), but my friend, Jeri Reid (another wonderful holistic practitioner), kept urging me to see Lois. I figured I had nowhere to go but up. Yowsa! I couldn’t believe the difference that the effortless “work” with Lois made in my health and life — like growing wings. I know that I’m healthier, happier, stronger, freer, dancier, singier, clearer and aliver today because of Lois.”
~ Holly McHaelen (posted on her Facebook page on 6/1/2012)

5) Laughter Yoga

womanlaughsIt’s no longer just an “old wive’s tale”… More than 100 scientific studies clearly demonstrate that laughter really IS the best medicine!  And you don’t have to be a “patient” nor get a prescription to get the goods!

Together we’ll empower ourselves to get a daily dose of therapeutic laughter by choice, not by chance. At each session, we’ll have fun reaping the health benefits of Laughter Yoga – the worldwide phenomenon that could put comedians and chocolatiers out of business!  No special clothing or getting on the floor is required. If you can laugh and be silly, you can be an instant Laughter Yogi!

“I’ve lost more than ten pounds these past few weeks, and the only thing I’m doing differently is coming to laughter yoga class. Maybe it’s because I don’t crave chocolate anymore?”
~ Kathy B., Laughter Yoga participant

“Thanks so much for your support and positivity over the last few months… you really helped me visualize myself more wholly, and I appreciate that so much.”
~ Sara Jane Borch, UConn Medical Student

6) OxyCise™

Balance the 14 minor chakras and keep your joints healthy in just 15 minutes a day. Affirm your abundant love, joy, health, & wealth, with this easy, gentle, breath and joint-centered exercise. It’s the perfect prelude to the…

7) Tibetan Five Rites

dreamstimefree_186427No time for yoga? Developed 5000 years ago by Tibetan Monks, this yoga-like exercise “quickie” is hailed by many as the fountain of youth. Heal low back pain and balance & energize the 7 major chakras. Stretch, strengthen, and breathe deeply. Feel great in just 20-minutes! (Bring a yoga mat!)

8) Natural Health Care & Cuisine

Don’t just “Ask Your Doctor”… It has been proven in a study that people who argue with their doctors live longer! Empower yourself with whole foods, easy-healthy meals, affordable supplements and natural remedies that your doctor never learned about in medical school – and probably never will. But you will learn all about it in this amazing segment of our program.

“Lois Grasso is a highly knowledgeable and competent facilitator who created an open safe environment. Information was presented in a way that you could go home and begin practicing that day. It was a very comfortable setting and I really enjoyed it. I feel that Lois gave of herself and knowledge without hesitation.  Well worth the price. If I lived within a reasonable distance, there is no doubt that I would take Lois up on her offer for private [Transformational Breathing®] sessions.”
~ Pamela Rich, Holistic Nutritional Counselor

Join us for a Powerful 3-Hour Workshop

“Speak Your Truth. Heal Your Life!

The Beyond Center, Vernon, CT

Come! Have a great time and see if this program is what you’ve been looking for.


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