Breath Workshop

Breathe DeeplyThe Breath that Sets You Free

Give yourself a profound healing experience at this Transformational Breath® Workshop

Imagine… What would your life be like if you could turn the simple act of breathing into a powerful tool for self-healing?

You may have practiced yoga, pranayama, Qigong / Chi Kung, Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing Breathwork, Vivation, Spiritual Breathing, or other breathing exercises. At this workshop, you will learn why Transformational Breath® is the most useful form of energy healing available.  You will experience how Transformational Breath® empowers you to heal your own body, clear up your own emotional baggage, optimize your brain, and energize your life.

Give yourself this rare opportunity to discover the amazing benefits of Transformational Breath® and experience more of your True Brilliant Self.

“Transformational Breathing with Lois helped me gain a more balanced direction for my life. I highly recommend it.”
~ Robin Clare, founder of Enlightened Professionals, LLC

NEXT DATE: October 15, 2016
BONUS: Includes a Yin Yoga Session facilitated by Jennifer Thomas

TIME:  11:00 am – 5:00 pm

LOCATION:  Art Space Studios, 555 Asylum Avenue, Suite 210, Hartford, CT

ADMISSION:  Self-determined sliding scale between $45 and $90.  A $25 deposit holds your spot, as space is limited, so that abundant attention can be given to each participant. After the workshop ends, you will decide what it was worth to you and pay the balance due at that time ($20 – $65, since you’ll already have $25 on deposit). We accept cash & checks at the event. Deposit is paid by VISA, MasterCard or Paypal when you click below. You will also have the option to prepay for the entire event when you click on the register button.

Transformational Breath® is a complete self-healing system that can transform your breathing into the most powerful skill or tool available today for:

  • Healing and energizing the body, mind and soul
  • Processing emotions – past and present – so they stop oozing out in harmful ways
  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind to support your conscious desires
  • Developing Spiritual awareness via a biological experience of “God” (aka Spirit, Source, Yahweh, Jehovah, Higher Power, etc.)

This workshop will include a full Transformational Breath® Session, and is suitable for all levels of experience, from beginner to expert.

Here are just a few testimonials from previous workshop participants…

“Before today, I didn’t even think there was a God. But now I know God.”
~Bo Jin. Boston, MA

“What a beautiful, beautiful learning experience! Transformational Breathing is a simple approach, tapping into intricate interaction of mind, body and spirit, while it enhances our innate healing power. If you want to transform your life, I recommend Lois Grasso’s classes and private sessions to you… for the Greater Good.”
~ Nancy Geysen, The Guild

“Thank you once again for the excellent workshop. You are a remarkable source of light for everyone who is fortunate to meet you!”
~ Patrick Conlon, Healer

In addition to the immediate benefits of powerful experiences like those described above, there are emotional and physical benefits too. Click here to read more testimonials from real people that you may even know!

At each session, pent-up emotions from days gone by are released leaving you feeling lighter and less burdened. The super-oxygenation of your cells cleanses and energizes your body. And many people enjoy a biological experience of their connection with God or a Higher Power consistent with their chosen beliefs.

In the long run, if you continue practicing Transformational Breath®, it can turn your breathing into a tool you can use every day to…

  • Eliminate fear-based beliefs that cause anxiety and sabotage goals
  • Claim self-empowering beliefs that support your dreams & desires
  • Release the emotional baggage you’ve been dragging around for years
  • Resolve the trauma that saps your energy & fogs your thinking
  • Reclaim access to Joy and a full range of useful feelings and emotions
  • Experience your oneness with the Source of Life and All That Is
  • Turn toxic fear into motivating excitement!

Tuition is $109 if paid at the door. Only $89 if reserved with $25 deposit on or before October 12, 2016.

Space is very limited, however, so claim your spot NOW with a $25 deposit. It will be refunded if the event does not take place for any reason. Please check your email the morning of the event.

Be sure to reserve a space before planning to come by clicking on the button below. If there are still tickets available, order ASAP! Due to demand, we cannot guaranteed your spot without a deposit.

Call Lois Grasso at 860-796-1480 if you have further questions, or simply click above to see how many tickets are still available and claim yours using credit/debit card or your PayPal balance (if any).

We look forward to breathing with you!




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