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Emotional Freedom - take a leap into real freedom.

…0n Waves of Breath

All the Yogis and Spiritual Masters know that the breath is the gateway between the conscious, subconscious and superconscious levels of the Body-Mind. And even our cutting-edge scientists are finding that the Body and Mind are inseparable during the human experience.  Although we all may feel restricted, frustrated… maybe even angry at our bodies, at times, the key to optimal health, happiness and Spiritual freedom is to truly occupy the body. Even if you have experienced this truth already, join us at this workshop for a rich and unique opportunity to share an intimate group experience of powerful self-healing via the Divine connection between breath, body, mind and soul.

Join the High Vibe Tribe for a Spectacular 1-Day Intensive featuring:

Yin Yoga… 
guided by Jenn ThomasSpiritual Self-empowerment Guide Jennifer Thomas teaches Yin Yoga and more

~ AND ~

Transformational Breath® … guided by Lois Grasso 

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At this growth intensive workshop, Dive Deep Into BodyMind on Waves of Breath, we will dive deeply into ourselves to have a Divine Experience of…

  • A new level of freedom to BE who you really ARE.

  • How unexpressed trauma & suppressed emotions can cause…

  •     Self-sabotage, anxiety, and/or depression
  •     Dysfunction and conflict in relationships
  •     Chronic pain and life-threatening disease
  •     Feelings of unfulfillment, anger, worry, resentment and frustration
  • Being truly supported in the safe expression of ALL your feelings.

  • How deep, connected Breathing takes you into your body where pain can be transformed into joy.

  • The ecstasy of FEELING your DEEP biological connection to the Divine!

Jenn and Lois each have 15+ years of experience supporting people like you in the process of reclaiming your innate power. We do this by helping you breathe deeply into your body, where you can effectively access the subconscious and bring that aspect of you into alignment with what your Higher Self and conscious mind are wanting.

NOTE: This event is not intended for beginners on the path of awakening. Unsure if this is right for you?  Call Lois at 860-796-1480 or Jenn at 401-935-2943

TIME & DATE:  Saturday, October 15, 2016  from 11:00-5:00pm
LOCATION:  ArtSpace | 555 Asylum Ave, Hartford, CT | Suite 210
TUITION: $89/person with Advance Reservations (Minimum $25 deposit)
Or pay $109/person At the Door (cash or check only), if space is available. Be sure to call ahead!
SPACE IS LIMITED to 15 people

PLEASE RESERVE NOW with a Minimum Deposit of $25.00 per person

Deposit for Dive Deep Workshop

If you prefer to use a credit card for the entire tuition and/or strengthen your commitment to yourself, pay in full today.
Full Tuition for Dive Deep Workshop

Got questions? Call Lois Grasso at 860-796-1480 right now!







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